Easy Burmese Recipes

Affordable Burmese recipes with English ingredients

This blog is for anyone who lives outside of Burma and loves Burmese food but unable to follow traditional Burmese recipe books due to lack of ingredients or simply does not have enough time.

The inspiration for this blog started when I was a poor student in 1992 longing for some homemade Burmese food.

Nowadays you have more ingredients available on the web and Asian shops. However most Burmese recipe books are geared up for traditional Burmese cooking using the genuine Burmese ingredients which are not easy to find. All my recipes should be easy and less costly to make. I have learned to improvise over the years to make Burmese food which is always a hit with my friends, they have never turned my dinner invitation down.

Having a full-time job and 2 children made it difficult for me to cook authentic Burmese food which can be a long and tedious process. Anything that takes more than half an hour is too long for me.

Most of my recipes can be done in the oven unless you are frying spices or cooking stir fries. If you plan properly, more dishes can go into the oven which should make a saving on the electricity and gas bill and keep the aromas in the kitchen.

A short video clip will be attached to all recipes. I will upload as and when I am ready.

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