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I was born in Burma in 1968.  My father was a lieutenant commander in Burma navy and my mother a high school teacher. I grew up with two brothers and one sister, the youngest of all siblings.

Having both parents as civil servants with moderate income meant all children had to take part in household chores. I helped my mother cook from a very young age. My mother, being a Mon (a race from southern Burma), was well-known amongst the relatives for being a very good cook especially Mon cuisine.

I was a 3rd year mechanical engineering student attending Rangoon University of Technology when student demonstration took place in 1988. The government decided to shut down all universities. I left Burma in 1989. I studied a computer diploma in Singapore for 2 and a half years. I briefly lived in Israel for 7 months with a cousin before coming to the UK as an au pair for 7 months.

In 1992, I attended University of Westminster and attained an HND in Software Engineering. As I could not afford another year in University to get a degree, I then started working in the IT industry and have been ever since.

I now live in Hertfordshire with my family, a husband, two children and a cat.

Some of the recipes have been developed over the years. As I work full time with a busy family schedule, being able to put together a meal quickly is my main objective.

Hope you enjoy my recipes.

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