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Shan Rice (Nga Htamin Chin) This is a breakfast disk in Shan State. The Shans use white meaty fish usually. I used salmon in this recipe as it is readily available everywhere in the UK. Shan rice is usually served in a ball shape. These moreish balls of comfort are   Read More ...

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Burmese Dried Fish and Egg Curry (Kalar Hin) This is quite popular dish when you are feeding a lot of people in hundreds. It’s cheap to make and delicious. It is quite soupy and stewy at the same time. The end result will be perfectly cooked vegetable curry (no overcooked   Read More ...

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Burmese Fish Noodle Soup A proper Burmese version will take a couple of hours to make. This is my quick and improvised version. My family prefers this version to the real authentic fish soup (Mohinga) you get in Burma. As tinned fish is used, it will take around 40mins to   Read More ...

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Burmese Fish Curry There are so many varieties of fish in Burma, we use fresh water fish for this type of curry. There aren’t tasty enough fish to compare when you are outside of Burma. The best one I could recommend is Salmon. I have added a little extra ground   Read More ...

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