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Posted by burmeseasy on Jul - 30 - 2016 under Beef
  • Beef 1.5kg of brisket cut into big chunks
  • Salt a teaspoon
  • Chinese five spice half a teaspoon
  • Ginger a thumb size crushed
  • Garlic 4 cloves crushed
  • Dark soy 2 dessert spoons
  • Very dark soy one dessert spoon (manis kecap)
  • Sesame oil 2 dessert spoons
  • Oil 2 dessert spoons
  • Spring onions 3 stalks roughly chopped
  • Onions 2 large quartered
  • Some pepper
  • Cuisine: Cooking time: 195 mins Serving: 8 people

    Burmese Sweet Beef Chinese Style

    The Burmese will call this roast beef. Usually this gets slow cooked on the charcoal as we don’t use oven for cooking. Here in the UK is so much easier, put all the ingredients in, seal the meat and cook in the oven. Although cooking time is more than 3 hours, you can just leave it on the timer and forget about it until you serve the dish. The brisket cut is used as it’s slightly fatty which keeps the meat moist and tasty, it is also a cheap cut. It freezes very well.



    Slice the beef in large chunks, peel onions and quartered, slice garlic and crush ginger.
    Preheat the oven to 160c.


    To a large sauce on a hob, add beef, lemon, salt, Chinese five spice, soy sauces, sesame oil and oil.
    Cover and seal the meat and cook for about 15min. Toss and turn as the meat gets brown. Add some water if needed. Cook in the oven for further 3 hours. Check in between to make sure the meat is not too dry, add water if needed.
    Take the meat out and reduce if necessary until the sauce is gravy consistency.

    Slice and put gravy on top.

    Author’s Note:-

    It is best to serve this with noodle soup.Or Rice with stir fry or spicy salad.
    As for very dark/sweet soy sauce, Ocado sells it.



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